Frequently Asked Questions

Franchise Fee
Single office franchise fee - $32,500
Additional franchise office fee if purchased along with first franchise office - $15,000
Franchise fee for additional offices if purchased separately from first office – $32,500
Initial franchise term: 10 Years
Royalty:  Five percent (5%) of gross sales (billed hours) paid bi-weekly by authorized transfer
Advertising:  National Fund contribution not required at present time but if ever instituted it cannot exceed two percent (2%) of gross sales (billed hours)

Renewal and Transfer Fees:
Renewal franchise term -   $1,000
Transfer fee if you sell your CSS office to new franchisee during existing term - $5,000

Total Investment:
Low range  -   $50,000
High range -   $75,000
Low and high range based on normal assumptions of costs that may vary higher or lower for specific CSS offices and territory market locations

Tell me about the Training Program.
Caring Senior Service provides full training for up to 2 people including the office administrator. Comprehensive training will be completed in one full week with additional time if needed. Training covers everything from bookkeeping, reporting, managing functions, to hiring and training of office administrator and caregivers.
Assistance in background checks for caregivers and recruitment of CNA staff personnel review of office procedures and CSS assistance provided

  •  CSS handles payroll functions for your franchise office, freeing you to market the services of your business for an additional 1% of royalties.
  • CSS instructs you in all aspects of the VISITRAX software system to enable your business to run smoothly and efficiently.
  • CSS guides your market research, determining where the hospitals and other potential client referral sources are for you to access.
  •  CSS offers you the benefits of operating corporate offices so that we can test and prove operating procedures and methods before you have to.

Do you assist me AFTER my Caring Senior Service Office opens?
Yes.  We provide you with a dedicated Business Development Manager to answer questions and help guide daily business activities to make sure your operation is running smoothly and productively. Our Operational Support Center is available to handle your back office functions; everything from answering your phones to scheduling new clients and employees.

Unlike other franchise companies, we provide you with office administration support as well as all-inclusive operating software that allows you to conduct business anywhere there is an internet connection. We calculate your payroll and cut checks for your office. We also process job applications and conduct background checks for your office and field staff.

To help market your business, we provide you with professionally designed materials and advertising placement support. You will also be able to participate in annual peer retreats where we share industry information and best practices as well as training on new service offerings. 

Do I receive a protected area or radius where my office is located?
Yes. All Caring Senior Service locations are granted an area of “radius protection” and no other CSS offices will be located within the area designated as your exclusive territory.

We will segment off your market area so that there will be at least 20,000 people over the age of 65 living within your designated exclusive territory.

What is the strongest marketing and selling point for the services of CSS?
We continue to expand and excel in the senior homecare industry because we’ve developed a unique business model that both minimizes the initial capital outlay and details the strategic steps required to develop a strong client base. Caring Senior Service also recognizes that services alone do not fit all needs and budgets for seniors and their families. To that end, we lead the industry with in-home safe care products and have cultivated relationships with several technology companies to ensure future growth in market share and to expand our service offerings. This vision, along with our 18 years of senior care experience, has allowed us to grow into a valued company within the communities we serve.

Great; I’m interested in the CSS franchise opportunity.  What’s the next step?
If you have NOT already attended one of our Discovery Day sessions, then the next step is to complete the online questionnaire and send it in to us. After reviewing the completed questionnaire, we will be in touch with you to discuss the Caring Senior Service opportunity further and then invite you to schedule a Discovery Day visit to our headquarters in San Antonio and have the chance to visit with our key staff and corporate principals, see how the operation works first hand, and get a full presentation of how the Caring Senior Service business opportunity is one that can be fulfilling, productive, and rewarding for you.

 If you HAVE attended Discovery Day, then possibly you are receiving our brochure and application at the end of the Discovery Day visit. If so, and if you would like to proceed to the next step, then we would ask you to complete the application at your earliest convenience and return it to us in the envelope provided.  In either event, once you have attended Discovery Day and have provided us with the completed application, our National Franchise Director will review your application and report his findings and recommendations to our Franchise Review Committee.

Once the approval process is completed, the requested area has been granted to you, and the Franchise Agreements have been signed, you will then join the Caring Senior Service family and begin the road to providing the ultimate level of qualitative care and service to so many people who need your service right there in your own community. For our business, this is a most exciting time with so much potential growth for our business and our franchisees. And for our franchisees, we have the unique advantage of enabling them to provide a service that continues to grow, provides them with a proven method to make money, and makes them feel proud of the business they’re in – and why? – it’s very simple:  when family can’t be there…we can.



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"Caring Senior Service marketing collateral is the one of the best in the Home Health industry. Everything from the brochures to the screening handouts up to the Caring Options magazine is not only professional but well thought out and very useful. There is nothing left out and nothing not needed in the program. It is simply the most efficient and effective I have seen in the field. "

~ Jim Ralph,
Franchise Owner

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